Our Story


BYOB is a venture of King Scorpions Pvt Ltd. Build Your Own Burger is a unique concept where you get complete flexibility of customizing your own burger exactly the way you like. You can satiate your taste buds by choosing from some flavorful sauces, fresh burger buns and your favorite patty.

Apart from burgers, we also have an assortment of mouth-watering sandwiches and sides to please your palate.

“We are a bunch of foodies, belonging from different industries, who got together for the love of food. It took decades of experimentation and bringing our mother’s kitchen down, several times, we realized that we were creating some lip smacking delicacies which deserved to be had by the foodies beyond the boundaries of our homes.

After hordes of tasting sessions and receiving colossal reviews from our friends, families, critics, etc. we were ready to jump a greater leap and cater to a larger populace.

Discovering our crazy ravenousness for burgers and identifying a gap in the fast food industry, we decided to dive deep into the distinctive concept of ‘BYOB’ (Build Your Own Burger).

For us, it’s all about the CUSTOMER SATISFACTION. BYOB is here to help our hungry patrons, customize their hunger pangs. Our varied range of signature and customized burgers are surely going to meet all the needs of protein over-loaders, junkies and the health freaks.

Remember, your food heaven is just a call away from you !!”